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Sophie Scholl – The Final Days

July 27, 2006

I’m very much looking foward to seeing this film. The tragic, yet heroic story of the White Rose resistance against the Nazis during WWII has always been a personal inspiration to me. It shows that even during the most devastating times, even when it seems that all hope is lost and the power of your oppressors seems absolute, you still have the power of your own free choice. That is, you still have the power to excercise your free choice to resist, your free choice not to fall in line and become what others would want you to be – under control – and your free choice to stand up and be counted – and this is exactly what Sophie Scholl is remembered for.

Although she and her brother were executed, they have become an inspiration to people all over the world since that time and are remembered for making one of the more powerful statements about the capacity of human beings to resist and challenge power, even in the most dire of circumstances. The Nazis, by executing them only confirmed this. There have been two other films made about Sophie Scholl but I haven’t actually seen them. I think it is important for a topic such as this to be revisited as often as possible, something that David and Margaret seemed to agree with in their review of the film. The SMH review by Sandra Hall also had nothing but praise for this new effort.

Sophie Scholl - The Final Days

Image from At the Movies.