Smashing misogyny, patriarchy and sexism

November 24, 2008
As White Ribbon Day approaches, it seems the day where women are treated as equals, subjects and people is still a distant dream. Indeed, for someone who is a feminist, it feels wrong that I should long for the time before I was alive in the 1970s because it seems like feminism was gaining traction and the female fist was raised in resistance and defiance back then. The world has changed, but it hasn’t necessarily progressed. Bleak is the world where:
The above are results of an Australian survey only. These stories are repeated in millions, if not billions of lives around the world.
Bleak is the world where I just watched the news and saw 21 nations at the APEC summit with only 2 represented by women. Bleak is the world where I today heard a 15 year old boy claim triumphantly that he would rape and kill a woman. Bleak is the world where in every conflict that is happening around the world at the moment, rape is used as a prominent weapon to degrade, dehumanise, humiliate and destroy women. Bleak is the world where men don’t speak up about this fucking bullshit – and shame on every man who doesn’t. We are brothers and sisters and we are both subjective human beings who are at one when our minds interact to make this world a better place. We are nothing and no-one if we let it happen and don’t confront it ACTIVELY. Smashing misogyny, patriarchy, sexism and any other form of oppression is a 24 hour a day attitude and activity, not merely an intellectual plaything.
Raise your fist and resist. We have work to do. We have a world to improve.

One comment

  1. The trouble with unwanted sex is the way in which rape society defines it.

    The perception of rape is that it is violent and crude. There is no association with it often being played out through coersion and simple insistance instead.

    For women who have been affected by coersive rape rather than violent rape, there is little means to prove the injustice. Society is too scared and (dare I say) politically correct to deal with it.

    If I wear my punitive hat, my feelings are that the punishment might be better found outside the system.

    It’s time to start educating young people that rape is not always violent, but is equally wrong and equally as traumatic. It is time they start to understand that they have nothing to feel ashamed about.

    If schools spent more time on teaching young people about boundary setting, self actualisation and general psychology rather than wood work, I wonder if society would have a better chance at evolving into a state of higher self awareness.

    Would love any thoughts on that if someone out there has any.

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