Shame on you, Channel Ten, You Misogynistic Fucks

December 15, 2007

Tonight, I just finished watching The Importance of Being Earnest and my TV automatically switched over to Channel Ten. It happened to be in the middle of an ad break. An advertisement for the show “America’s Next Top Model” came on saying that it was some sort of Christmas special edition of the show. As the viewer was bombarded with three separate women walking along a catwalk in very revealing clothing, the voice over said “ho, ho, ho”…

It’s bad enough that women and girls are being objectified in subtle ways, but now we as a society are outright not only condoing this fucking bullshit, but promoting it. Bratz dolls, America’s Next Top Model – what the fuck is going on here? I call on anyone who is reading this and seen this ad to call Channel Ten and complain – I have.

I’m not even going to bother explaining why this has outraged me to the point where I am white with anger. If you need to ask, you’re a fucking idiot. I’m a school teacher and I can tell you that this type of shit is having an extremely negative effect on young girls. I over heard some girls in one of my classes talking one day and they were saying how boys weren’t even given an accurate picture of how girls looked because they just see porn or shows like “America’s Next Top Model” portraying an extreme form of un-reality.

When un-realistic and mysogynistic portrayals of women are thrust into young men and women’s faces everyday, it is undoubtedly going to negatively affect the respect that they have for each other as subjective human beings as well as the way they interact. Women, as a man I cannot speak for you and nor should I, but I will say that your battle for equality and independence is far from over… Fuck, I’m angry!



  1. I think the best thing to do is, first, simply don’t watch any shows like that, and, second, stress to the kids you know that television shows don’t necessarily reflect reality. By the time they’re in school, they should (hopefully) already realize this, but I’ve found that kids can be rather dense when it comes to popular culture. Anything Britney or Lindsay do must be all right… Talk about poor role models.

  2. Have you watched Fox News lately? Wow! It’s soft-porn 24 hours a day. I’m serious. This news channel will throw in pictures of barely clad women in the middle of a political story and will then say, “We’re sorry. We had a technical glitch right there”. Liars! They know that sex sells so they constantly show images of women dancing together, kissing, or whatever to divert their viewers from the truth that our country is in the wrong hands. It’s so sick to me.

  3. Cody, yes, it seems that the critical eye needs to be constantly drilled into a teenager’s brain for it to have any lasting effect. This is because they are bombarded with popular culture all the time and it’s what every one of their peers swallows up as well.

    Kayinmaine, I don’t watch Fox News. I’m in Australia and don’t have cable, so I don’t have any access to it. However, I have heard about how bad it is – Fox has a pretty bad reputation over here.

    Channel Ten here in Australia seem to be pushing crap like I described more regularly lately. It’s getting worse and worse – they throw the most sexist comments into their promotional material and these ads are screening at 9am in the morning during kids shows. It’s outrageous.

  4. channel ten sukkkks you can’t even get through a program without being bombarded with bullshit girly ads, call now im waiting and all this crap. how can i watch a show with my daughter after nine oclock and how many losers are out there picking up the phone and calling these pppl anyway. this is aside from their pathetic programming. i will not bother even starting to watch anything on this channel anymore.


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