November 25, 2007

The speculation on what Rudd will do in his first term can wait for a few days.

For the moment, let’s just revel in the fact that Howard is gone. He is a spent force in Australian politics, as are the whole conservative bunch of jerks that have led this country for the last 11 and a half years.  He not only got smashed with a massive swing against the government, but he lost his own seat.

A fitting end to a PM that made this country more mean-spirited, more selfish, more un-sympathetic towards their fellow humans and planted fear and loathing in the hearts of well-meaning Australians for too long.

I am one of the many Australians who never liked, respected or trusted the man who has fundamentally changed this country for the worse over the last decade. I am also one of the many Australians who are rejoicing at the end of a dark chapter in our history and am at the very least somewhat hopeful for the years to come.

Many conservative pundits are already trying to put a damper on Rudd’s victory saying that progressives will be disappointed with him. It may be the case that some of the things that Rudd does (or does not do) may disappoint us in the years to come. However, for the moment, I shall indulge in gloating at every conservative arsehole in Australia. Suck shit. Your man is gone. Your time has come and Labor is back in power. Go fuck yourselves you conservative prats. You’re out – you’re gone and after your sweet victory in 2004, you’ve fallen a long way. Ha-fucking-ha!



  1. Dave, those 11.5 years also comprise almost exactly the amount of time I’ve been in Australia.

    Yes indeed- suck it, wingnuts. It was Johnny’s tonguing of Bush’s shitpipe that caused me to adopt Australian citizenship in 2003, simply to be able to vote the bastard out. Had to vote against him twice to get it to work…

    But indeed, Rudd will be facing a hostile Senate for the first 8 months. Don’t expect much progressive policy to be passed until the ALP can form coalition with the Greens.

  2. Yes, Weez, ’tis the case. However, I doubt the Libs will risk a double dissolution by rocking the mandate too much. Labor will just sit it out until July. But, as I have said… For now… Let’s just revel in the downfall of the supreme shithead Howard. I never liked him, never liked his policies, was never proud of him and am elated that he is gone!

  3. Yes- the supreme bastard is gorn. I can’t believe what HoWARd was able to get away with- and what he was prepared to do to help his fatcat mates loot the nation, especially when he controlled the Senate. Effectively a dictatorship.

    Reversal of the damage will be largely difficult and occasionally impossible. Repealing VSU, WorkChoices, Welfare to Work, buying back Telstra, outlawing private health insurance, funding public hospitals and physician training, prioritising funding of public schools over private would be in my wish list.

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