One week to go

November 17, 2007

Well, there is only one week left until the election. All the polls continue to show that Labor has a commanding lead. Even though I despise gambling, the betting markets tend to get elections right. I’ve noticed that the price for the Coalition has blown out by almost a dollar in the last 24 hours. Centrebet has Labor paying $1.20 for a win and the Coalition $4.20 for a win. Howard had another rough week with Tony Abbott slipping up again admitting that WorkChoices has taken away certain protections. On top of this, an Auditor General’s report released this week showed that the Coalition has given funding grants without approval for projects in regional and marginal Coalition seats. Talk about arrogant and out of touch.

With all this in mind, I’m still refusing to call this election for Labor. I refuse to get my hopes up. Many people are dancing around like the downfall of HoWARd has already happened. I’m not that sure. I remain cautiously optimistic, but nothing more. In 7 and a half days, we’ll know.


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