Rudd Slams Howard in Debate

October 21, 2007

I mean, c’mon! Let’s be honest about it, Rudd wiped the floor with Howard in the debate. He answered every question on the economy with authority and neutralised Howard’s assertions about his past by hitting right back at Howard with the fact that when Howard was treasurer, interest rates were at 22% and out of the 5 budgets that Howard presided over, 4 were in deficit. Rudd also looked much stronger on climate change and education (as he has all along). Yeesh, still 5 weeks to go. It’s going to be close.


One comment

  1. Agree, but let’s not forget that Howard has lost just about every debate since he was elected.

    Worm or no worm, he lost this one hands down too.

    What was interesting was how many questions Howard did not answer definitively.

    I sensed that this was not so much him being evasive but rather that he truly believes that the answers he provided were OK.

    This isn’t a sign of hubris but rather a sign of the early onset of Alzheimer’s or something related.

    The camera pans to find Costello et al with fake beaming smiles for there Leader.

    I’m reminded of Peter Sellers character Chance the Gardener in the movie “Being There”.

    Tonight he was revealed not what he has become but for what he always was.

    So too some revelations about the political maturation of Australians.

    Herein lay the clues to his obvious demise.

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