It’s On – Australia Votes 2007 on… WorkChoices

October 14, 2007

And it’s on. John Howard has finally called the election. I was right about the date – 24th of November. Best site to visit for coverage is of course the ABC Election site. So, as far as I’m concerned, voters need to remember two things throughout this campaign and on the day when they go into their polling places to vote:

1. Workchoices. Your job is in danger, your benefits are under threat, your usual safety net of a redundancy package is under threat and overtime and penalty rates can now be taken away from you. As a condition of actually being hired for a certain position, you can now be forced to sign an Australian Workplace Agreement that takes away your benefits, cuts your rate of pay, strips you of overtime and penalty rates and forces you onto shift hours you may not be able to do. If you have kids or grandkids under 30, they are now more vulnerable than ever in the workplace and the rights that their parents and grandparents worked so hard to achieve can now be striped away under an AWA. You can thank John Howard and his Liberal-National Coalition for this.

2. John Howard is a liar when it comes the the economy (not to mention most other things). Interest rates have risen 5 times since his promise at the last election to “keep interest rates low”. The Reserve Bank of Australia sets interest rates. Interest Rates depend on, among other things, inflation which in turn depends on, among other things, global commodity prices such as that of oil. John Howard and his government do not control these prices or how our economy reacts to them. Furthermore, John Howard’s claim that the economy is so strong because of his expert management is a lie. It is strong because of the boom in India and China causing high demand in our primary industries. Government debt may have been paid off, but private foreign debt is soaring, as is personal debt, with Australians having the worst rate of per capita private debt among developed nations. Would an economically responsible government encourage vulnerable people to borrow so much? No… Would a compassionate government who cares about the rights and lifestyles of it’s citizens take away job security, benefits and reduce wages with an aggressive WorkChoices agenda? No… You can again thank John Howard and his Liberal-National Coalition for this.

Of course, there are other issues, but WorkChoices needs to be focused on – not just by the Labor Party who are promising to abolish this despicable ideologically driven policy from the Howard Government- but by all of us as working people. The economy is and always will be an important issue because every other issue hinges on it. Indeed, it should always be at the top of the priority list when it comes to voting. What we need to keep in mind is the plans and future vision that each leader has for Australia. The Howard Government has cut back on education, vocational training and health over the last 11 years and has neglected these key industries that the economy relies on so much. Not to mention an under-investment in Climate Change solutions that has set us back 11 years and left a potential boom industry lagging behind the rest of the world. It’s an absolute shame that a German company is building a new multi-billion dollar wind farm in SA. Why isn’t an Australian company building it? Under-investment in Australian Climate Change solutions by a government who up until this year was denying that Climate Change even exists.

The Howard Government is stale, has neglected too many Australians for too long and has a lack of vision for the future of our country. Howard, Costello, Downer, Abbott and the rest of this mean bunch of men who have taken so much and planned little for the future need to be voted out of office and fresh, new blood voted in. The Australian people deserve a new, clear, positive vision for the future, not an out-dated, stale and mean bunch of ideologues who intend to rid them of their job security and take away any safety net that may have existed for them thereafter.

It’s Time…


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  1. Video that Howard doesn’t want Australians to see.

    Please, can you include a link to the YouTube video at AlertActive.blogspot.com and send a link to everyone you know.

    You can also embed the YouTube video into your site with this code –

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