We have no idea

July 17, 2007

With the polls still indicating a strong showing for Labor, Tony Abbott has given us in the electorate several reminders that we have no idea what we’re doing, so we better trust him and vote for the government at the election. Said his holiness about a month and a half ago:

There is this parallel universe at the moment. There’s the universe of the polls, which is pretty dire, and there’s the universe of actual government, where things could hardly be going better.

And last Friday:

If we didn’t have opinion polls, everyone would say the Government is cruising to a victory.

And yesterday, after the latest ACNielsen poll showing that on a two party preferred basis, Labor was still leading the Coalition 58-42:

The public have a right to vote for whomsoever they wish, and they have a right, if they wish, to replace a good government with an inept opposition.

As Annabel Crab points out today, Abbott is treading a dangerous path. With issues such as housing affordability, climate change and the ever pervading WorkChoices, there is growing disquiet among voters and a view that life is indeed becoming a little harder and that the Howard Government has little vision for the future to deal with these issues.

As one swinging voter with a mortgage and two kids recently remarked to me: “Mate, Howard is now seen as a germ by me and many of my mates. You don’t encourage people to buy, borrow and live it up in the good times and then strip them of their job security and entitlements so they have nothing to survive on when times get a little tough.” All the while, the government is being seen as increasingly arrogant and out of touch, as John Howard keeps telling everyone that they’ve never had it better and Abbott insists that they’ve got a great government leading them.

Of course, there’s no way anybody can predict how this election is going to turn out. But, if the Howard Government keeps insisting that people don’t know what they’re doing, have never had it better and that the government is wonderful and in control of everything, voters may just show them how out of touch they’ve become.



  1. We can only hope their hubris lasts all the way to the polling booths. I suspect they will let their cunning craving for power take over soon enough though.

    – Aurelius

  2. Tears of joy or sadness if apec explodes…

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