Pell – out of touch as always

April 6, 2007

We wouldn’t want him any other way would we? George Pell, the devil-slayer of Sydney has said in his Easter address that terrorism is bringing us all closer to god, that Jesus had nothing to say about global warming and that we shouldn’t moralise about distant worlds when things are unresolved in our own lives.

Once again, this arrogant old man sets a new record in how out of touch, irrelevant and downright ignorant his views are in the 21st century. I mean, wow! You know, Jesus had nothing to say regarding nuclear weapons, biology, space, masturbation, the new Airbus jumbo jet and those Bratz dolls that seemingly teach children how to sell their sexuality at the age of 4. I guess we should just ignore all those issues and find ourselves in our hearts then, shouldn’t we wise man Pell?

Furthermore, we really shouldn’t moralise about distant lands and worlds and what not. No, leave that to wise man Pell since he seems to know so much about everything. What a hypocrite! He tells us not to judge, then in the same address, proceeds to judge himself.

Oh, I’m not suprised of course. This is just a typical Pell outburst. Just thought at this most important time of Easter that we should all remember the sacrifice that I have made in taking valuable time out of my day to consider the views of this wise old sage. Praise be to Pell!


One comment

  1. Praise be to Pell
    for his hypocrisy
    he’ll go to hell.

    You might enjoy my comments about the twit’s rant 🙂


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