Aching thighs from the top

March 18, 2007

OK, it’s not the best idea to go on an intense bushwalk when you’re not in the best shape and you have a serious chronic illness with symptoms that tend to strike without warning. But, I’ll be damned if that’s going to stop me. Today, S and I wandered into Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve and walked the Gibraltar Trail (pdf) which is in the “challenging” category of the Tidbinbilla walks.

It started off as an overland trail which was quite easy. As we got up the first hill, about 30 kangaroos greeted us with inquisitive looks and ears pricking up in every direction. We pushed on to the tough part. It was steep – really steep – and it took quite a while to reach the summit at 1040 metres, but we got there and boy was it amazing. At several points along the way, we paused to pick different types of Eucalypt leaves which all smelt wonderful. When we got to the top, we were struck dumb by an amazing rock formation and a view that will stay with me forever. My thighs were aching and I felt buggered, but hell – the complete (and I mean complete) silence, the wafting smell of the Eucalypts and the satisfaction at having climbed all the way to the top made everything else seem to fade into the background in a prolonged moment of pure bliss. Next time, I shall remember to bring my camera. But for the moment, here is a picture (that someone else took) of what greeted us when we reached the top:

Image from here.

If you’re ever down in the southern reaches of the ACT and you’ve got a day, head into Tidbinbilla. It’s well worth it. We have resolved to return during the year (although not in the freezing winter) to have a crack at the rest of the walks there. I can’t wait!


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  1. Thigh pain only when walking. What do you suggest?

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