Is this all they’ve got?

March 5, 2007

I won’t waffle on about the Burke affair, as everyone who has the slightest interest in it will be up to date on the latest happenings. Besides, plenty of other bloggers have already given insightful commentary on Howard’s usual selfish, childish tactics and Rudd’s genuine stuff up.

But really, I mean is this all that Howard and his cronies can come up with after three months of Rudd in the job? Mud-slinging at the man himself? Rudd has comprehensively out-manoeuvred the Howard government over the last three months and has shown them up for what they really are: self-interested, power hungry elites with no long term vision on the most important issues facing Australia such as climate change, education and fairness in the workplace. Scandal after scandal after scandal have accompanied the Howard Government’s time in office: the Children Overboard affair, the AWB kickbacks scandal in which Howard and his cronies made damn sure they wouldn’t be implicated in any of the Cole Inquiry findings by carefully crafting the terms of reference and of course the War in Iraq which John Howard still supports despite everything that has happened over the past four years.

Kevin Rudd has dinner with a former WA Premier and 40 other people and Howard points the finger and says that Rudd is dishonest and slimey. Honestly, is this all the chief liars of the decade – Howard and his incompetent front bench of political mud-slingers – have on Rudd? Clearly it is, and the way in which Howard has conducted himself in the last week by sluggishly picking up the butter knife and going for the jugular shows just why the electorate is ready for Rudd and why Howard is going to have a fight on his hands this year. I guess we’ll see when the polls come out tomorrow just what effect Howard’s childish (and hypocritical given Campbell’s behaviour) mud-slinging will have had.



  1. I see so much classic, bullying behaviour in our dessicated coconut, that I am amazed he gets past the APS Code of conduct.
    The link goes to a Keating transcript from lunchtime today where he names up HoWARd for what he is and what he has done *sigh*

  2. Ah, Keating! Always good for a quote. Lateline last night opened with “Keating the whimsical”.

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