Blair acknowledges failure, Bush calls it sign of success – awaiting Howard’s spin

February 21, 2007

The disintegration of the COW. Tony Blair has contacted George W. Bush to tell him that he will be pulling British troops out of Iraq. No doubt Blair will of course talk of what a great success the occupation has been – but his actions will speak louder than his words. As late as October last year, Blair was insisting that we must not withdraw as there was still much to do. Wow, he did it all in four months it would seem! At a time when the Howard Government here in Australia is saying that any withdrawl by any coalition forces will be akin to a defeat in Iraq, the COW seems to be disgruntled, disorganised and completely out of puff. I bet Alexander Downer is fuming that he wasn’t told before his Lateline interview last night. Referring to the British so many times – tsk tsk tsk Alexander: do you get told anything by anyone? Howard was asked this morning by a journalist “Has Tony Blair undermined your argument against a withdrawl timetable?” to which Howard responded “I’ll talk to you fallas later”. Indeed, how do you bullshit your way around this one Howard?

UPDATE: British reaction over at The Tomb.


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