John Howard cuts and runs… and shouts… and goes red

February 14, 2007

As I watched John Howard from the gallery again yesterday foaming at the mouth trying to shift the focus of what he actually said on to a completely different point (a classic Howard tactic if there ever was one), Kevin Rudd remained calm and focused. After about an hour of question time, Rudd stood up and directly challenged Howard to a nationally televised debate at a time and place of Howard’s choosing regarding Australian policy on Iraq. Howard simply cut and ran – he would not debate Rudd in front of the Australian people on a matter that Howard himself has said is one of the utmost importance regarding Australia’s national security.

So, one has to wonder (or does one really?) – is Howard simply out for his own personal political gain here and sticking by his mate George Bush or does he have Australia’s national security interests at heart? Over the last few days, Howard has constantly reiterated that he has the courage of his convictions and is “staying the course” in Iraq (gee, he’s about six months behind with the echo on that one). Brendan Nelson backed up the PM’s claims on Lateline the other night equating a withdrawl from Iraq with the downfall of civilization as we know it. Now, if these two men (and indeed the Howard Government as a whole) are so concerned for Australia’s future and believe that this future hinges heavily on Iraq, then why have we got such a small committment of troops there? I would have thought that Howard and Nelson would be in there themselves so dire are their warnings about the future of Australia if we withdraw. Obama hit the nail on the head when he said that unless Howard increases his committment, then it’s just a bunch of empty rhetoric. And, well, that’s exactly what it is – we all know it and Howard himself knows it.

Bush, Howard and Blair GOT IT WRONG when they invaded Iraq. Needless to say, the situation in Iraq is absolutely out of control. A newsflash for Howard is that the Iraqis are going to keep doing what they’re doing regardless of whether America is there or not. At the moment, most Iraqis see the US as an occupying force propping up an ineffective government. The fact that the number of attacks against the general populace and US troops has been increasing at an alarming rate in the last three months highlights the fact that the several “wars” that are going on in Iraq have been lost already. Perhaps Howard should ask for some TV time on Fox in America (he’d get it no doubt) and explain to the American people why he thinks they should sacrifice thousands more of their young women and men to die for a cause that has changed so many times since the start of the war that we honestly wonder what he, Bush and the other neo-cons will come up with next. I’m sure many Americans are dying to hear Howard, the “man of steel”, the omniscient, the wise old statesman tell them why they should support a war that has cost them so much in lives, money and morale, was started because of lies Bush, he and Blair told the world and has not achieved any objectives other than the overthrow of a government that wasn’t friendly with Al-Qaeda in the first place.

Or perhaps most Americans, after Howard insulted them by saying that the great Democratic Party of the US (a party that was voted into a majority in both Congress and the Senate only last November by the people of the United States) is the party of choice for terrorists see Howard’s words for what they are: BULLSHIT with a capital B. As Terry McAuliffe, a former chairman of the Democratic National Committee stated after he heard Howard’s remarks: “Firstly, the Prime Minister has been a great friend of George Bush’s. He has been with him lock-step from day one on this war in Iraq. He and George Bush, they can go off and talk to each other. We don’t care what he says.”

As for Australians, well we should care. Not only has he embarrassed the hell out of us internationally, insulted one of the great US political parties (the party of Roosevelt, Kennedy and Clinton) and treated the American people with contempt, but has acted contrary to the interests of Australia. On top of all this, he doesn’t even have the guts to debate Kevin Rudd after making such a big deal out of all this over the last few days. Howard is the one who is cutting and running – what a disgrace, what a coward.

UPDATE: Since Howard said yesterday that the proper place for any debate regarding Iraq is in Parliament, Rudd challenged him to an hour long debate in the House of Reps this morning. The Howard Government in response shut the debate down and moved that Rudd no longer be heard, once again proving they are a bunch of idiotic cowards who aren’t willing to act in Australia’s interests on this matter.



  1. Do you need decontamination after your day’s reporting? :0

  2. I need decontamination from our government! 🙂

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