Howard picks a fight with Obama

February 12, 2007

Silly Howard. Firstly, not only is what Howard said ridiculous, but it is completely inappropriate for someone in his position to try to interfere with the elections of another country. Saying that if the Democrats win office in the US that the terrorists will win is completely stupid of Howard – and he must have known so when saying it. So what do we have? Yet another fear mongering comment from Howard – except this time he’s slipped up. Whereas his fear mongering is usually careful and targeted, he has picked a fight with the wrong person and the wrong party at the wrong time – and has mis-read the deep feeling of resentment in the US over the Iraq war. I guess that’s the mindset you fall into though when you’ve been hanging off George W. for too long.

I noticed Howard saying of Obama: “He’s a long way from being President of the United States”… Yes, well so are you John and you have no right whatsoever to go strutting around with an arrogant air of self importance regarding a matter of US politics – particularly when you are one of the leaders that committed us to this mess in Iraq in the first place. Howard should be thanking candidates of the Democratic Party for trying to fix and end the mess in Iraq. I suppose Howard being the wise old statesman that he is has a wonderful, all encompassing solution for Iraq other than “more money, more troops and more time”. At least Obama has put his cards on the table. In taking Obama on, John Howard has shown how feeble, small-minded and arrogant he really is and Obama’s response shows him up as such.


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