You have no choice, cheerleaders for war

November 14, 2006

So now Blair is in favour of a wider Middle East policy of engagement with Iran and Syria. This is the first sign of one of the coalition of the willing admitting that the war in Iraq has been lost. The C.O.W now have no choice but to engage with Iran and Syria. Everything else has failed, not that they had a plan to begin with. Of course, it was always going to be a hopeless cause and as Michael Gawenda pointed out in the Herald yesterday, no matter which way you look at it now, the tragic reality is that the Iraqi people are going to bear every cost of this war that was imposed on them.

I wonder what HoWARd and Bush will talk about in relation to Iraq this week in Vietnam. My guess is they probably don’t even know yet. Oh, the irony of meeting in Vietnam to discuss Iraq. I really thought the mission was accomplished back in May 2003 George and John… What’s happened? Oh yeah, what those of us who opposed the war said would happen… Why do I keep crapping on about the fact that our leaders illegally went to war when the majority of us opposed it? Because we must not forget, and in a democracy we have the power to remind our politicians as well. I’m not going to pretend that I know the way foward for Iraq – but I do know how we’ve got to this point, and the shambles my friends has been directly caused by Bush and his cronies, Blair and his arrogance and Howard and his lap dog obedience and blind subservience.


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