What to read and watch while the world burns

August 2, 2006

Some newsbytes and commentary worth reading as Israel gears up for a wide scale ground invasion, Iraq’s civil war (does anyone seriously doubt that’s what it is anymore?) gets worse and worse and Tamil Tigers and the Sri Lankan government forget the 2002 truce.

Lenin comments on Israel’s Lebanon offensive in the wider context of Empire.
– Sean Gonsalves talks about the “war” in Iraq, the language of the war, the rule of law and which way foward over at AlterNet.
– The “Baghdad Blogger”, Salam Pax invites us to follow him around Baghdad and see what it’s really like living outside the green zone in the one of most dangerous cities in the world (as seen on Foreign Correspondent).
The Sri Lankan military and the Tamil Tigers are facing off over a reservoir which supplies the innocent people caught in the middle with drinking and irrigation water.
– The Congo seems calm thus far after the first democratic elections to take place there in 45 years. However, the threat of violence between east and west looms over the horizon. Hoping it stays peaceful.
– And as NATO takes over Southern Afghanistan (remember that theatre of the war on terror?) from US troops, it is welcomed with an ambush from the Taliban that has killed three British soldiers.

Yikes… Try to digest all that. As the world burns, I’m keeping Michael Franti on in the background, particularly “Time To Go Home”:

Those who start wars never fight them
And those who fight wars never like them
Those who write laws can recite them
And those of us who just fight laws we live and die them


How many people were they runnin’ from and how many people never saw it comin’
How many people never heard the warning how man people should have stayed at home and
How many people never heard the call and how many people never saw at all
How many people did they spend it on and how many people got to sing this song
How many people never heard the cry and how many people gotten pushed aside
How many people never saw the dove fly and how many people never said goodbye
How many people never saw the fall and how many people till we end it all
How many people never saw the wrong and how many people did they drop the bomb on?
Don’t take our boys away no don’t take our girls away no
It’s time to go home…

Once again, hoping for better days.


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