So, tell me how this works

July 13, 2006

Can someone please sit me down and explain how depriving Palestinians of their electricity, forcing them to abandon their homes and crops and shutting off Gaza to effectively become a fenced-in dustbowl is supposed to aid the situation and force Hamas’ hand in returning the one (1) Israeli soldier they have captured? Particularly when Israel holds 9599 Palestinian prisoners… Way to win over hearts and minds and promote peace.

Meanwhile, Andrew Bartlett speculates over what effect the whole Howard and Costello clash will have on policy. Will some of the Costello supporters wield their power in the Senate? Who knows? Scorned politicians, like scorned people can do some outrageous things… As for the whole leadership issue, I personally think HoWARd will be staying on for the next election, as most people seem to. I don’t think the Liberals are going to risk Costello particuarly when the next election is shaping up as a fight for your life IR election. The LIARS, I mean Liberals are going to stick with the wiley old fox because he’s done it four times before and they’ll think that he will be the best bet to do it again. Costello’s sooking means nothing to most of the Liberals.

It’s pretty cool though. It raises some serious issues about who will lead the Liberal Party when HoWARd goes. There really deosn’t seem to be another unity figure like HoWARd in the party which I guess is why the party has been so reluctant to embrace anyone other than HoWARd. Costello, Abbott, Bishop, Nelson, Downer? None of them are leadership material really. It’s going to be a very interesting year ahead. I’m starting to think that even if HoWARd does stay on as leader, he’s going to find the next election to be his toughest one yet – if Labor doesn’t shoot itself in the foot of course, which has been known to happen. If HoWARd does stay and loses the next election, then cover your ears so they don’t get damaged when I shout out with sheer delight. Wouldn’t that be nice? Dream, dream, dream…


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